13 Telephonic Interview Tips

We all know today's condition and how things has been changed. Everything has been changed and so the behavior of IT/Non-IT companies too. Today we are going to talk about 13 telephonic interview tips, one major change which has happened in interview process.

Before companies use to call candidates to ask them to come to their office for interview, the call use to be an introductory call not the telephonic interview. Very few companies were entertaining telephonic round of interviews by considering some circumstances.

Also in other hand Amazon hired around 2 Lakh people so far for different levels, and many other companies are also hiring. This shows that there is still hope for getting decent jobs.

So, who is hiring?

Below are the few sectors where you can get the job:

1. Pharmacies

2. Marketing

3. Grocery stores

4. Home delivery meal services

5. Shipping and delivery companies

6. Online learning companies

7. Social media

8. Remote communications and meeting services

9. IT

10. Public Sector

Etc ect…

"Remember that interviews are a 2-way conversation, so don’t YOU perceive them as interrogations"!!!

As I said the hiring process has been changed and interview are no more in-personal interviews these are shifted to telephonic and online meeting like Skype, meetings, hangout, zoom etc.

Preparing for non in-person interview is difficult job. While interviewing we are unable to see the interviewer and they are also not able to see the candidate which makes a huge difference are create some difficulties for both and there we loss the changes of getting hired and companies also facing the issues to get the right candidate.

Below I have collected few tips from other sources on internet to prepare for the telephonic interview which may increase changes of making good impression on interviewer and getting hired.

Here’s how to ace telephonic interviews:

  1. Dressed up as in-person interview

  2. Don’t slouch on the couch

  3. Quiet room

  4. Use earphones/headset

  5. Put cell phone on DO NOT DISTURB mode (full silent)

  6. Make handy note pad and pen

  7. Have a glass of water

  8. Avoid eating and chewing

  9. Answer the phone correctly

  10. Recognize the interviewers

  11. Avoid interruptions

  12. Ask the questions

  13. Thank the interviewer

1. Dressed up as in-person interview:

Why? This is very important to feel like you are getting interviewed. It creates professional attitude and mindset.

2. Don’t slouch on the couch:

Voice projection is most important in audio calls, so you must not be lying on sofa, slouch on Chair and table/desk, or stand and/or pace. You can attend the call by standing which project better voice.

3. Choose Quiet room:

Silence and peaceful environment is required with no interruptions. You need the concentration to listen to interviewer and answer them correctly.

4. Use earphones/headset:

Almost every headset or earphones has the noise isolation and few of costly devices have the noise cancellation features which help to eliminate background noise.

5. Put cell phone on DO NOT DISTURB mode (full silent):

While in a call you may get some disturbing notifications which may distract you from being concentrated on interview.

6. Make handy note pad and pen:

During the interview you may need to make some notes or have to calculate something. To avoid last minutes rush and jumbling around during the call to find the pen and paper, it is advisable to carry a pen and paper with you. Have written prompts ready especially for the questions that you wish to ask.

7. Have a glass of water:

Usually interview last for at least half an hour and some interview takes time. It is good to have a glass of water with you to keep your throat wet and avoid voice compression and avoiding throat cleaning sound which is very much disturbing for few people and interviewer may get attracted towards your cleaning noise and feel disgusting during the call.

8. Avoid eating and chewing:

If you are eating something while on a call your mind gets less concentrated on hearing and more concentrate towards the taste of food. Also it makes noise and project a bad impression on interviewer. Have meal before the interview call but don’t eat to full that may make you daisy.

9. Answer the phone correctly:

Attend the call and start with greeting “Good morning/afternoon/evening. This is (your FULL NAME) speaking.” This puts a great impression on opposite person.

10. Recognize the interviewers:

Usually there were more than one person on interview panel, you need to get attached to voice to name very quickly, and use them when you address each interviewer. This is the most difficult task and makes a very huge impression on interview. The interview panel doesn’t expect from candidate to address them correctly but if you do so, they remember this and mark it as a positive point.

11. Avoid interruptions:

If you feel there is a network related issue from either of the side, be open and tell them that you are not hearing them properly. Or if they are not clearly hear you ask them to repeat. If you feel a very bad network / call drop issue, ask them to reschedule your interview and choose the location where you get the proper network signals. This will be better than continuously saying “hello, hello, can you hear me” or “sorry I did not get you”. Making them pardon again and again makes a very bad impression and interviewer may decide to cut the call and end the interview.

12. Ask the questions:

It is very important to ask the questions during the interview, remember interview is two way conversations. You may have doubts, question related to position they are offering, what kind of tasks will be there if you get selected.

Don’t ask about interview “How was my interview” instead you can ask for the improvement if required they feel in you to be and ask this by judging their overall attitude during the call.

13. Thank the interviewer:

Last but not least, thank the interviewer for their time at the end of the call. They will also thank you and this time you must not thank them back, answer them “welcome” or “pleasure talking to you” or “anything you like to” but just don’t answer thank you for the thank you.

Send a follow-up “Thank you” email within 6-8 hours. You can also ask for the expected time to get their reply or feedback on your interview.

Smiles can be seen but also “heard!”

Above are the few tips for telephonic round of interview, all other usual interview protocols are also applied.

I hope this will help you getting hired!!!

All the very best !!!

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