Simple yet Beautiful Home Screen Setup

I have created this amazing stunning beautiful wallpaper with minimal information on home screen using the app "KLWP Wallpaper".

I hope you liked this home-screen setup and that is why you are exited or eager to know, how I have setup this.

To setup this, we required below things:

  1. KLWP live wallpaper app

  2. NOVA Launcher

  3. Wallpaper

This is single screen setup.

If you love to customize your mobile home screen then I will recommend you to try KLWP app, I am using this app since last 5 years and have done lot many home screen setup which attract people when they look at my device or just glance over my home-screen.

I have notice the reactions of people (Wao, amazing, wonderful) and they ask me my mobile device name and model number, I just reply to them that you can also do the same just by installing this app and setting a bit as per your like.

I have extracted this setup and uploaded on my cloud storage, if you have interested to check this out, I will provide you the link, do let me know in comment section.

In this setup, there are required information on screen only:

  • Top bar is showing "Time and Day"

  • At the bottom, it is showing Date and Month in words

  • Below the bar, there are required apps(you can change as pr your use,I have setup:

  1. Phone

  2. Message

  3. Whatsapp

  4. Camera

  5. Gallery

  6. Email

The Hexagon is setup to launch app drawer.

I will post here the video for interested people who would like to know the steps for this setup, stay tuned...

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